My missions calling

Hi there again!

My last post mentioned about how I was given the opportunity to share with my congregation about my calling to serve and into missions. Today I wanted to share with all the readers out there what I had shared with my church. I wrote the following ‘letter’ to the congregation but also as a prompt for my own sharing which briefly explains the process of how I came to the decision in accepting this calling.

My testimony and calling to join COCM:

I first heard about COCM through my first PHAT Camp where I participated as a camper. This was about 5 years ago where I was a newly baptised believer and I didn’t really know much about the Christian community beyond my home church. Through the camp, I got to witness and experience the amount of support the camp provided to the youths, the sense of fellowship between Christians all over the UK and ultimately, what sparked my interest in serving God.

Ever since then, I’ve been able to serve within my home church BCEC; joining the worship team, leading youth groups, teaching Sunday school – but deep down I knew my heart yearned to do more. Just over a year ago, I was attending a camp called ReGen where a sister was sharing about her missionary experience with children in China. During her sharing, I felt a really strong urge that now was the time to step outside my comfort zone, to leave, to take a step of faith in serving. I had no idea what this meant to me, if I was ready for such a big step or how I would even fulfil this, I guess, calling.

With all this running through my mind, I started praying to God. Praying for clarity, to know if this was a calling from Him, or if it was just me in awe of how inspiring missionary work seemed to be. I prayed and debated through what options I had to take, asking that He would show me the path to follow, to make it clear to me that this was what He had planned for me and somehow show me a sign so that I didn’t have any reason to doubt His call. Of course, God’s timing was just perfect. After I finished praying, an announcement was made that there was a new English volunteer programme starting up and that they were looking for participants to join them at COCM – He couldn’t have made it any more clear to me that this was His way of telling me what to do!

So what does this mean to me?

As mentioned before, I’ve always known that I wanted to serve in a deeper way, although I never thought about going into ministry work or serving full time. It had never even crossed my mind to do something like this before, yet this calling seemed too strong to ignore. Last year after expressing my interest in joining the programme, I was ready to give up my education and take this step of faith. However, God had a slightly different plan, He knew that I had the heart to serve, but he also knew me, how I over-analyse everything and ultimately He knew what was best for me.

The volunteer programme ended up getting pushed back one year, allowing me the time to finish my bachelor’s degree, so that I could take this step with no doubt, without any reservations or what ifs. God has been working in so many different ways to help me achieve what I needed, both with the support I have received from brothers and sisters in doing this and also with the community he has surrounded me in. To me, this just made everything so much more definitive, that without a doubt, He had planned this journey for me.


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