Join me as I take a step of faith into missionary work and get to know me more through this blog. I’ll be posting regular updates, prayer requests, stories about my journey with God and in general, day to day insights.

The plan:

I am looking to join COCM for their English Ministry Volunteer Programme full time for 12 months. The programme would include helping the centre (COCM headquarters) function as a place where conferences are held – both internal and external. Besides this, the majority of my time will be used to supporting the second generation ministry team with the work that they’re doing such as PHAT camps and ReGen. Through this programme, I would also have the opportunity to serve the wider community both local and international, to help the growth of the local English ministries, but also for me to learn more about serving in any way God has gifted me to do so.

The finance side

As this is a volunteer position, I would be taking another big step in relying on God’s provision for me. Thankfully God has provided accommodation for the duration of the programme, but throughout the 12 months, I would need to provide for evening and weekend meals, and other necessities such as transport costs.

My target is £1,800 to cover the 12 months of the programme. However, I also plan to join COCM on a missions trip to Croatia. This would significantly increase my original target to £2,425.

  • £425 – Team fee for the Croatia missions trip
  • £200 – Flights to Croatia
  • £150 per month – Food and necessities

I understand that I will be relying on the generosity of the church, friends and family, but more important than financial support, I ask that you keep me in your prayers as truth be told, I know God is calling me, but he’s also calling me into the unknown.

If you wish to support me financially or in prayer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! For more information on COCM and their missions trip, Crossover feel free to visit the following websites or reach out with any questions!



Much love,

Jade x


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